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Fri May 16 11:03:42 PDT 2008

. . . but Oh, those (almost) summer nights. . . Come support OaxaCAS 2008
Summer trip.  Laura Rutherford, mom of Helena CAS '10 is generously
hosting a BBQ house party next Saturday, May 24, from 4-7 at 1215
Shattuck.  For a donation to OaxaCAS of $20, you can enjoy the Esteban
Bello Group, the company of CAS parents and guardians and the peace of
mind that comes from supporting CAS travel.  If your CAS student is
considering joining us on this amazing trip, please also contact either
Leah Katz or Molly Offerman--star chaperones--it is not too late. 
lkatz at berkeley.k12.ca.us or mofferman at berkeley.k12.ca.us.

	If you can't make it, but want to contribute in another way, OaxaCAS is
gathering donations in the form of shoes, jeans, t-shirts and laptops to
bring with us to Mexico this summer.  Laura Rutherford is also
coordinating this effort.  Please join in the OaxaCAS fun (draising) and
check out Esteban's music at <bellarts.com> for a sneak preview.

Much thanks from OaxaCAS 2008!

Leah Katz
CAS Education Specialist
Office: C418, Room: C336
Intercom on Campus: 13418

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